What is natural cocoa powder?

Natural Cocoa Powder

To maximize flavour, cocoa manufacturers’ traditionally ferment the beans, use high heat to roast them and add an alkaline, known as Dutching, to improve the color, texture and flavour. The big problem is that all of these steps reduce the amount of antioxidants present.

The impact of alkalizing alone reduces the total flavonoid content by two-thirds. For heart health, choose natural cocoa powder which hasn’t been alkalized.

Brands sold in Canada are Hershey’s natural, Camino natural and  Ghirardelli natural cocoa powder.  A newer company Giddy YoYo doesn’t process their cocoa powder, but natural is not on the label it says raw.

Grocery Store Search- You can find Hershey’s out West sold in most Save On Foods grocery stores. In the east I have found it at Loblaw and Metro. Ghirardelli is sold is higher end grocery stores as well as some bulk stores right across Canada. you can find Camino and Giddy YoYo in healthy food stores.

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  13. Hi, own 2 of your cook books – bought them when you spoke at High Point Wellness Centre Session – my friends and I still talk about your presentation.

    Anyway, just bought some real cocoa, but can’t find your recipe for hot cocoa. Can you direct me to it?

    Also because I like visiting your site. You might enjoy my husband’s – conquergood creative – yea that really is his last name 😉

    Thanks in advance. Be well. Pj

    1. Go to my home page and scroll down until you see the picture of the cocoa cup and saucer. Click on the picture and you’ll get the recipe.
      Peace, love and fibre,

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