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Lowest sodium chicken broth

Lowest sodium chicken broth Hard to find, but the lowest chicken broth I have seen in the grocery stores in made by President’s Choice Blue Menu. With only 50 mg sodium per cup it is right on target for helping Canadians lower their sodium consumption.

Deli Salsa

Deli Salsa Bottled salsa tends to be very high in sodium, deli not as much. I use Garden Fresh Salsa Jack’s Special Medium Heat. There is only 150 mg of sodium per 2 tbsp (30 mL). Available in the deli section.


Avocado Avocados are one sexy food and are full of heart healthy monounsaturated fat. They are a good source of fibre, Vitamins C & K, folate, and potassium. Pick firm unripe avocados that are a deep green and let them ripen on your counter. A perfectly ripe avocado slices well and keeps its shape, isn’t …

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Cranberries contain polyphenols, an antioxidant which are known for their cancer fighting properties. Cranberries may help prevent urinary tract infections, heart and gum diseases. Extremely tart as is, try adding the dried version of cranberries to salads, your morning whole grain cereal, or as a snack with some unsalted nuts.

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