Calcium and soy beverages


Make sure you shake your carton of soy beverage really well before you pour it – the added calcium tends to settle at the bottom of the carton. If you don’t give it a really good shake you aren’t going to redistribute the bone building calcium and will end up with a whole lot less of this important mineral in your glass.

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  1. What does arugula taste like, I’ve never had it before. I like spinach and beet greens though I find your site very informative and the recipes are great What is the very best way of getting calciun I was diagnoed that I will have osteo, It’s a long story, I have no pituitary glland and so I have a lot of problems due to that. I’m trying to vamp up my calcyum.

    1. Arugula has a peppery flavour. All leafy greens contain Vitamin K which helps in bone building, so making leafy greens a part of your healthy diet will help with building better bones. I try to eat my calcium – getting it from dairy sources like milk, ricotta cheese, goat’s milk cheese, and regular cheese as well as from yogurt. I also drink soy beverage – making sure that I shake the container well before pouring.
      Hope that helps.
      Peace, love and fibre,

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