What I learned in Florence

  • Even though Florence isn’t as big as Rome, it’s still really easy to get lost. Just because you think you are headed in the right direction, you may discover that you are going in the totally opposite direction of say the museum that Michelangelo’s David is housed in and then you have to run really fast through the streets trying to get  in the reserved lineup, so you end up arriving soaked in sweat, just say’n this could happen
  • Leave time to really take in Michelangelo’s David – it is a masterpiece 
  • Just a personal observation: I’m fairly sure that Michelangelio’s David was a hockey player, seriously the best hockey butt I have ever seen
  • Reserve tickets to get into the museums here, avoids the really, really long lineups
  • Gelato is very good for lunch
Gelato!!!!!!!! And chocolate to boot!
  • Never order a cappuccino in the afternoon, very uncouth
  • Florence is gorgeous 
  • Florence needs to be on your bucket list
  • The Uffizi is very hot, bring a fan or wear short sleeves, I was boiling and we walked through it on the last day of September , may have something to do with being sweaty from running around trying not to get lost again
  • Make sure you check out the early books in the Uffizi, incredible
  • Gelato is good for dinner, just say’n

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  2. Marilyn l was watching your show today and was thrilled for the info. about cooking
    pasta, and learn’t so much about when buying olive oil, this was wonderful, and also that you
    told us where we can buy these items, can wait for your next show. Making the soup on
    the week-end, many thanks Louise

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