What I learned in Tuscany

  • Tuscany isn’t all rolling hills and drop dead gorgeous vistas, Tuscany is a huge area that even includes the sea
  • To really say that you have experienced Tuscany you need to come here, slow down and enjoy all of the small villages and sites
  • There is a misconception that all Italians drive like maniacs, this just isn’t true, well at least not in the countryside
  •  However city-driving is a little different. Factor in skinny streets, one ways that appear out of the blue, people on bikes going the wrong way, Vespas weaving in and out of traffic, buses,  and pedestrians that don’t give a hoot about anything, it was surprising that I only  saw one accident in the 2 weeks that I have been here
  • Driving here all looks like a finely choreographed routine, unfortunately most Canadians will feel as if they missed the rehearsal
  • People in Tuscany are extremely friendly and helpful
  • Lardo is actually a food
  • If you are going to drink a lot of wine, and you will, stay hydrated! Drink water to avoid getting totally pissed
  • If you don’t recognize a food, best not to ask what it is, because even though the second stomach of a cow tastes better than it sounds, it’s still is the second stomach of a cow which Canadians just aren’t familiar with
  • Its easy to eat anywhere between 15,000 and 21,000 calories on any given day……
  • The restrooms/toilets in a public place in Italy and Tuscany have a unisex washing area. So, even though the actual toilet might have a sign that says Women you might bump into a man washing his hands when you come out the door
  • Learn to order a coffee, there are more variations here than at Starbucks, just say’n

3 thoughts on “What I learned in Tuscany”

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  2. Hi Mairlyn,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences of your trip to Italy, you sound like you had so much fun with your bff, plus learned quite a bit about the Italian culture. I was born in Italy but grew up in England and have been here in Canada for 33 years, even though I think in Italian “well some times I do” I did’nt know that cappucino was just drank in the mornings, many times after a nice dinner I like to have one, so I guess I’m uncuth, lol.
    I enjoyed reading all your blogs on your trip, you are lots of fun Marilyn.
    Have a great day.
    Ciao Bella.

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