Virtual Tea Party


As the believer in traditions and honouring our roots I love a tea party. And because all of us are holed up in our homes I thought, let’s have a tea party together apart.

On Tuesday, March 31 at 3 pm EDT I’m inviting all of you to join me live on my Instagram page MairlynSmith for a virtual tea party.

Put on your party clothes, wear a fascinator or a hat or not, set yourself up with your favourite teacup and tea pot, a cookie, a tea sandwich or a scone and we shall tea party together. I’m thinking I might even crack open a bottle of bubbles.

I’m going to dem my now Twitter famous Chocolate Brownie Bites and teach you how to make the perfect cup of tea.

If you want to have treats to eat along with me check out my post How to Throw a Tea Party for Twelve, for some ideas or if you want to bake, just reduce the amounts.


Make the Chocolate Brownie Bites ahead of time.


Bake or buy your favourite cookie to have.

Let’s tea party, together apart.

Together we can make a difference by staying home. Hats off and a huge thank you to all the health care workers and all the essential service workers who are out there taking care of all of us. Let’s take care of them and stay home.



The picture is from a lovely tea we had at Clarinda’s Tea Room in Edinburgh a couple of years a go.

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