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I’m a big supporter of local farmers. I believe that the impact of that support, helps us all. Because of my passion for all foods local, I wrote a cookbook with the Ontario Home Economics Association that only included foods that we grow, raise or produce right here in Canada. It was my thank-you to all the farmers in this great country of ours. The cookbook is called Homegrown. 

In 2013, I was lucky enough to be on a tour of a greenhouse in Leamington, ON with my fellow professional home economists, that was growing cucumbers. I’ve been a fan and a supporter of the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetables Growers ever since.

The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetables Growers grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and as of November 2017, strawberries right here on Ontario.

Peppers and tomatoes are just coming into season, with eggplant not too far behind, but cucumbers and strawberries are ready right now.

I bought a package of Yes!Berries several weeks ago at Sobey’s and was completely blown away by their flavour. They were the taste of summer in January. Yes!Berries are available in Ontario at Sobey’s, Metro, Farm Boy and some Independent grocery stores.

Strawberries are in my wheelhouse for their flavour and nutrition points – 50 calories in a cup, which works out to be 2 servings of fruits and vegetables and 4 g of fibre. The Queen of Fibre (self appointed – moi) approves.

For more information about our locally grown greenhouse strawberries check out DelFresco Pure – the farming family that is growing them.

For the recipes from Breakfast TV segment I did on Wednesday, January 31 go to

Greenhouse Strawberries from Ontario

Mairlyn Smith only promotes products and foods that she uses and totally believes in. She will not promote or support any product or food for a client unless she is totally committed and a believer in the product or food.

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