Tonic Water – Fever-Tree Naturally Light

Don’t want the extra sugar calories from tonic water?
Fever-Tree to the rescue.
With only 3.9 g of sugars per 100 mL compared with the leading popular tonic water which has approximately 10 g per 100 mL , yes there was math involved, and yes, regular tonic water has almost as much sugar added as a regular soft drink.


Bonus there are no artificial sweeteners and it tastes wonderful in my favourite summer drink a G&T. Its made with fructose instead of cane sugar, which they use in their regular tonic. I think the fabulous flavour comes from the natural quinine.

Harder to find than other tonic waters it’s a search worth the effort. Check out higher end grocery stores or specialty food stores. I found it in the little town of Rosseau in the Muskokas. It’s cottage country and I guess we cottages know our G&T.

Not cheap, four bottles cost $6.79.

The company’s slogan “if 3/4 of your long drink is the mixer make sure you use the best.” And in my humble opinion their tonic makes a gin and tonic even better.

I use 100 mL of the Naturally Light Tonic, 1.5 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin and a generous squeeze of fresh lime over ice. Lovely!

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