What I learned in Chianti

  • If you want to make sure that the Chianti you choose is spectacular and not the wine that Hannibal Lector drank, always look for the big black rooster on the label. ┬áIts the Chianti Classico Consortium’s seal of approval.
  • Everyone Chianti Classico we tried was brilliant, and trust me I drank of a lot of different Chianti Classicos. Just doing my best to help you out.
  • Food in Chianti is simple and exceptionally fresh which translates into: it tastes fabulous
  • Favourite quote from a local: “what we eat depends on the day.”
  • Canadian translation: they don’t eat the same old thing every day, it depends on what is in their the fridge, cupboard, in season, their mood, how much time they have, but it always involves cooking! No dashing out to the ft food restaurant
  • Pasta is the ultimate fast food
  • El dente pasta is not soft and mushy, it’s chewy. Canadians usually cook the living daylights out of pasta which changes its chemical makeup. El dente pasta has a lower GI and it is okay to eat for health. Want more fibre? Choose whole grain.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is complicated. Most Canadians don’t have a clue between what’s a great olive and what’s el crappo! I’ll write a HUGE article on this when I get back home, stay tuned.
  • In the meantime always look for DOP or IGP for the stamp of approval, which guarnatees that what you bought was made with 100% Italian olives and is in fact truly extra virgin olive oil.
  • Never ever take off your glasses and leave them at a table in a gorgeous resort and then wander off after consuming some fabulous Chianti Classico, just say’n. (special thanks to Chianti Consorteum for finding them and sending them to my hotel)

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