What I learned in Rome

  • – never eat the bread on the table before you ask if it’s included in the meal or you may end up paying 6 euros for one measly piece of stale bread
  • – remember if you ask a question in Italian they will answer in Italian. Which is a good thing if understand Italian
  • – never try to run back up through the exit in the Vatican Museum to get a second look at the Sistine Chapel in the hopes of sneaking into St Peter’s Basillica at 5:00 pm, because the chapel is closed by then and the very sexy guards will turn you away. This strategy, although a very good plan for sneaking into the St Peter’s Basillica to avoid the long line ups, will prove a moot point because by the time you get back to the entrance to the Basillica the line up will be non existent.
  • – sit on the bidet before checking on the water direction because Italian marble floors are very slippery when doused with water, or so I’ve been tol
  • – never order an entire bottle of Prosecco if your combined weight with your BF is less than 250 pounds and you want to remember where your hotel is
  • – apparently your receipt for a bus tour is not the same as the ticket, if deperate try sneaking in the back door of the bus or pretend to rummage through your purse for 39 minutes until you reach your destination
  • – train tickets are not very clear. If your ticket says Florence it might not actually ever appear on the departures board because in fact that train is going to Milan and only just stopping in Florence. This little bit of information would have saved my BF and I from running around the train station in a sweaty crazed panic trying to find someone to help us find out if we were at the right station or if our tickets were just part of a devious Internet scam.
  • – Fast trains are really really fast when they’re moving, but not very fast when they are sitting on the track due to rechnical problems.
  • – Ladro means thief in Italian, lardo does not.

2 thoughts on “What I learned in Rome”

  1. I speak Italian, you should have taken me with you, I would have enjoyed the trip lol. Laddro are also lovely pieces of art.
    I hope you enjoyed your trip>

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