Grocery shopping tip


  •  Don’t go driving around looking for who knows what after you have your precious groceries packed into your car, get home and put the cold stuff into the fridge right away. Keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot is an important food safety issue that we tend to forget about, so perishable foods should go into the fridge or freezer as soon as possible.


  •  In the heat of the summer it’s wise to have a thermal shopping bag or a cooler in the car along with a cold source like an ice pack so that ice cream or salmon won’t spoil on the way home. In the middle of January in Winnipeg, you can drive around for days and the ice cream will never melt. August in Ottawa? Break out the cooler.

2 thoughts on “Grocery shopping tip”

  1. Hi Mairlyn
    I love watching you and hearing all your recipes and tips. You were on Cityline this week and talked about easy back to school dinners and what to keep in your pantry, I was wondering if there is a list of your must have pantry items? -brand names too?


    A big fan


    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for taking to the time to send me a comment. I don’t have a brand name pantry list but on the website I give you a bare bones emergency pantry list here’s the link .
      Hope that helps.
      Peace, love and fibre,

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