I must have Italian roots! My trip to Italy.

I think I must have been Italian in one of my last lives, because from the moment I first landed in Italy I felt like I was home. I was raised in an Irish/Scots/English home, something of a barren wasteland of flavours. Over cooked roast and grey Brussels sprouts was typical fare. Our neighbours were […]

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What I learned in Florence

Even though Florence isn’t as big as Rome, it’s still really easy to get lost. Just because you think you are headed in the right direction, you may discover that you are going in the totally opposite direction of say the museum that Michelangelo’s David is housed in and then you have to run really […]

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What I learned in Tuscany

Tuscany isn’t all rolling hills and drop dead gorgeous vistas, Tuscany is a huge area that even includes the sea To really say that you have experienced Tuscany you need to come here, slow down and enjoy all of the small villages and sites There is a misconception that all Italians drive like maniacs, this […]

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