My Top Five Healthy Foods

Here are my top five foods that are never leaving my diet, oh, and big surprise, they all have their own unique health benefits.

In no particular order they are:

Chocolate – Hell would literally have to freeze over for me to kiss chocolate goodbye; aside from keeping me sane in times of trouble dark chocolate, that hasn’t been processed, helps lower my blood pressure. Heart Healthy Brownie anyone?

Okay, not a square of dark chocolate, but how about a heart healthy brownie?

Barley – One of my all-time favourite whole grains – could I send that packing? Noooo, aside from lowering my cholesterol and removing toxins from my body I love the texture, flavour and the comfort that tucking into a bowl of Barley Risotto does for my soul. Check out Barley 101

Barley Risotto

Berries – I haven’t met a berry that I didn’t love. Fresh local or frozen local – I don’t care – give me my berries for the sheer flavour experience, throw in the fact that they will help fight off disease, help aging brains, contribute to  glowing skin and make your heart happy, I am never ditching luscious ripe strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries.  

Don’t smoosh my strawberries!

Mushrooms – The kind you cook and eat – I love’m.  Adding mushrooms to most savoury dishes adds a genius flavour note. And sidebar: they help support your immune system.

Local mushrooms

Salmon – I was raised on salmon. Canned, fresh, smoked – salmon has been a part of my life as a food lover since I was a kid. Okay, omega-3 fatty acids are a gift from the health gods and adding a measly 2 servings of salmon a week can help with heart and brain function.  Hello salmon, you are on my keeper list.

Salmon on a bed of quinoa and Cole slaw

Top five? I was on a roll. I have so many more – asparagus, arugula, walnuts, watermelon, cherries……

What are the top five healthy foods that you could never give up?

2 thoughts on “My Top Five Healthy Foods”

  1. Hi Mairlyn,

    Love your recipes and good information. Some time ago on City Line you advised us what to look for on the olive oil bottle for the good quality. Could you please let me have this again. Didn’t write it down.

    Dini Page

    1. Hi Dini,
      That story got the most one day hits on my website, ever, 56,000 to be exact! I must have hit a nerve.
      Here’s the link to the info – scroll down about halfway until you get to the Heading Extra virgin Olive Oil.
      Hope that helps,
      Peace, love and fibre,

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