Raspberries – little bundles of health


Raspberry Handling

  • Raspberries are extremely delicate. It’s best to pick your own or buy from a farmers’ stand or market.
Picked these wee beauties at the Riverdale Farmer’s Market in Toronto.
  • I leave them for the last purchase of the day when I buy them at my farmers’ market.
  • Put them into the fridge as soon as you get home, I like to lay them out on a plate so they won’t get “squished”
  • Do not wash raspberries until just before you are going to use them.
  • Never soak raspberries. This is grounds for a felony in the Foodie Supreme Court
  • Rinse and drain well in a colander. Let air dry on paper towels or tea towels and then use right away.


Canadian through and through

About 94% of all the raspberries sold in Canada during raspberry season come from Abbotsford, BC, the Raspberry Capital of Canada.


Fibre News

A one cup serving (250 mL) provides you with 34% of your daily requirement for fibre and they sure taste a lot better than downing a commercial fibre drink.



2 thoughts on “Raspberries – little bundles of health”

  1. kerry merkley

    oh raspberries, oh rapture, my favorite berry. nay, my favorite fruit. double nay, perhaps my favorite food!

    some of my best memories are of being at the cottage with my grandfather. each morning he would serve me raspberries and cream, fresh picked from his berry patch. the cream just poured from the cow, well, maybe i made up the cow part, but i swear the berry patch was real. i remember once he served me a tiny green spider with the berries. i removed it gently and continued with my breakfast. or said ew grandpa, or some such. but i do remember i sure finished the bowl. of berries. not spiders.

    thanks for reviving the memories mairlyn,( hmmm sounds like a song title) and the recipies. i especially like the fool. i think i might serve it to a few of my fools the next time they’re over.

    take care,




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