Ever had a bowl of slightly furry green pods at a Japanese restaurant? If you answered yes, you were eating green soybeans or baby soybeans.

Rich in protein these little green bundles have a mild flavour and go great with a beer!

Edamame grow in clusters on bushy branches and are harvested at the peak of ripening right before it reaches the “hardening” time.

You can buy the pods or shelled Edamame at most grocery stores in the frozen food section but low and behold I found them at my local farmer’s market this week!

Sold on the branches you need a good pair of clippers to remove them, which could explain why they sell them on the branches.

Edamame on the the stalks.

The pods need to be washed well to get rid of any sand or dirt then drained.


Swish them around in a clean sink of cold water.

Boil some lightly salted water (yes, I even lightly salt the water).


Drain them and add to boiling water.

Add the Edamame and gently boil until they are still firm but slightly tender – about 3 minutes.


Boil them until tender but still firm. Called tender crisp in foodie circles!

Drain and place in a bowl.


Yummy little pods of protein!

To eat them – Hold the pod in your fingers and gently squeeze directly into the mouth. Hopefully the pods will open and you get a heart healthy little green bean to eat!




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  1. Hi Mairlyn, Since most of the soybeans grown in North America are GMO, it would be interesting to find out if the ones at the farmers market were GMO or no. Which market was that?

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