Eat Your Nuts!

That small handful of nuts is perfect for a mid afternoon snack when your body is crying out for protein. Better yet, have a small handful of these Sweet and Spicy Walnuts.  They are easy to make and fabulous to snack on. But size matters, especially for serving size, so a small handful is all […]

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Wheatberry and Lentil Salad

This vegetarian heart healthy wheatberry and lentil salad is great in the winter months. Double the serving size and you have a main course vegetarian entree.  From Homegrown: Celebrating the Canadian foods we grow, raise and produce Whitecap (2015) Recipe by: Erin McGregor, P.H.Ec. RD Makes 5 ½ cups (1.3 L) One serving = ¾ […]

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