Breakfast – don’t make it the missing meal

  In the quest for a healthier lifestyle we need to make time for breakfast, and that doesn’t mean a coffee and a donut at 10:00 am. The perfect breakfast is one that contains complex carbohydrates found in whole grains, some protein, a calcium source from milk or fortified soy beverage, and fruit. Everybody needs […]

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Flour – Who’s Who and What’s What

Ever feel as if you are being bombarded by flour in the baking aisle? Bleached, unbleached, whole wheat, stone ground whole wheat? Here are some tips to help you navigate that treacherous aisle. But first a crash course in Flour 101 Grains All grains are made up of three important parts – the bran, the […]

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Breakfast Grab-and-Gos

I am a fan of the sit down breakfast. I like to give myself enough time in the morning to eat a bowl of cereal before I dash off for the day. But I know that many of us need a grab and go type of le petit déjeuner that is equivalent to a bowl […]

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