natural cocoa powder

Cocoa or hot chocolate – which is which?

I have a couple of foodie pet peeves. The first one is calling sweet potatoes yams. To see yet anther one of my teaching lessons on the difference check out my web series My Left Frying Pan And the second is calling cocoa hot chocolate. They are sooooooooooooooooo different. Hot chocolate is made with milk […]

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Cocoa – frozen style

    In the heat of the summer we all need to stay hydrated. This is especially true for kids and seniors. Before you reach for a fast food frappe drink, which is loaded with sugar, try making your own frozen drink. Add equal parts 100% juice, coconut water and ice cubes to a blender […]

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Chocolate Monkey Smoothie

With peanuts being banned from most schools the best time to serve heart healthy peanut butter is afterschool. Here’s a great after school snack for you and your kids, this smoothie is loaded with good for you ingredients like skim milk, natural cocoa powder, bananas, and good old reliable PB.   Get your kids to […]

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