Talks and Workshops

How to Live to be 100 and Still Remember Your Name

Talk: 1 hour 15 minutes

Research suggests that living to be 100 isn’t a fluke of Nature. What are the secrets to living a long and healthy life? Mairlyn Smith professional home economist, Cityline Guest Expert, award winning cookbook author and an alum of the Second City Comedy Troupe will guide you through the steps that centenarians follow every day. Find out the Top 10 Foods to Eat, The Power of Friendships, How to Incorporate Exercise into Your Day, and Why Chocolate Really Does Make You Happy.


Suddenly I have Back Fat

Talk: 50 minutes

Mairlyn Smith, takes you through her journey as a fat, thin and everything in between woman and how she learned to accept herself, flaws and all. Be inspired to love yourself for who you are.


Healthy Starts Here!

Talk: 1 hour

Learn how to get on the road to health living, the foods that give you a leg up and the tips that can put you back on course, because today is always the best day to start changing your health for the better.


Laughter. Is it what the doctor ordered?

Talk: 20-25 minutes

This talk is both educational and entertaining. It may not be a stand-up routine but professional home economist and Second City alumnus Mairlyn Smith will have your audience rolling in the aisles with the reasons why laughter is so important to your health and how to get your laughter Mojo back. Suitable for all audiences.


Healthy Eating for People on the Go

Workshop: 1 hour 30 minutes

You know that you need to eat healthy foods but how can you with your busy schedule? Mairlyn Smith P.H.Ec. and award winning cookbook author is here to help.

In the first hour Mairlyn will guide the group through Nutrition 101, explaining the in’s and out’s of healthy eating starting with Fruits and Veggies and ending with Wine and Chocolate.

The second part of the workshop is putting those healthy foods into your everyday life. Mairlyn offers suggestions and menus for the hectic, harried and hopeful.


Sailing through Menopause (women only!)

Talk: 1 hour

Mairlyn Smith, professional home economist, award winning cookbook author, Regular Guest Expert on Cityline, Second City alum and a woman who not only survived 10 years of hormone fluctuations but loved most of it, gives an educational and light-hearted look at managing menopause.


Homegrown – putting Canada on your plate

Talk: 45 minutes

This one hour talk looks at the wonderful foods we grow, raise and produce in Canada that also are nutrient dense and contribute to your long term health. Eating seasonally and supporting our local farmers one food at a time.


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