Empire cookies

Shortbread Empire Cookies

Shortbread Empire cookies on a rack as the almond icing sets

Empire Cookies are usually made with Sugar Cookies. Mine use Shortbread instead. I was inspired after I attended an event with the Scottish Embassy in Toronto. I tried their version of Empire Cookies and I was instantly hooked. This is my spin of that cookie experience, much easier to make than rolling out the sugar […]

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Christmas Empire Cookies

 Adapted from my Grandma’s recipe. This is more of a buttery sugar cookie as compared to a regular sugar cookie. You will need two cookie cutters of the same shape for this one, one big and one small for the window effect. Makes about 24-28 cookies depending on the size of the cookie cutter. Cookie […]

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Cookie Exchanges

My best friend went to a Cookie Exchange Party last year and called me after she got home to rail at the Cookie Gods! She had laboured lovingly over her Candy Cane Cookies. She had crushed candy canes into little bits and then gently kneaded them into the shortbread dough. She had even dyed half […]

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