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New Years Resolutions: Tips to make those healthy lifestyle goals stick

Every January most of us make resolutions to get healthier, lose weight, change our bad habits into stellar new ones and then within two weeks we are back to our old routines. Why the failure rate? There are many reasons we fall short of succeeding. Setting goals that are unattainable, not having a support system […]

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Homegrown: Celebrating the Canadian Foods we grow, raise and produce

Mairlyn Smith standing behind a copy of Homegrown

Written by Mairlyn Smith P.H.Ec. with recipes from the members of the Ontario Home Economics Association. Homegrown is an all-Canadian ingredient cookbook, with 160 recipes from coast to coast. There are iconic Canadian Butter Tarts, Slow Cooker Beef and Barley Stew, and Tourtière all with a 2016 spin. But make room for recipes like: Apple […]

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The Big Picture

an apple is sitting in the sun

I believe that we have become so fixated on the minutia of eating that we have forgotten the big picture. We need to get in touch with the basics. You know ~ fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, fatty fish, lean protein, heart healthy fats, dairy products, eggs and don’t forget to get enough […]

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Four Ice Cream recipes and Two Gelato Recipes

I was raised by ice cream lovers. We ate a ton of ice cream when I was growing up. It’s fairly weird considering we never ate desserts during the week. Oh, sure sometimes my mom would make tapioca pudding, but I’d always try to think of some excuse as to why I didn’t want to […]

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To marinate or not to marinate?

I’m a fan of marinating. A marinade adds flavour and to a certain extent tenderizes. But the main reason I marinate is because a marinade can help reduce the carcinogens that are produced when protein hits a high heat particularly when cooked on a BBQ. All great marinades use three basics: they contain an acidic […]

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Thirty Cups of Tea

I have a foodie confession to make; I am a tea junkie and a china cup and saucer lover. On any given day you can find at least seventeen different kinds of tea tucked away in my tea pantry. My taste ranges from everyday orange pekoe to more exotic blends from tea houses all around […]

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How to freeze onions and garlic

Having pre-cut or chopped onions and garlic in your freezer  can help speed up your dinner prep. Freezing onions: The quick way – Peel and quarter onions, place in a food processor and pulse until chopped. Label resealable freezer bags with the amount and date, scoop about approx. 1 cup (250 mL) to equal 1 […]

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Our driving trip across Canada #RoadTripMair

Some things you just have to do before you kick the bucket. My list is fairly long, but every year I check a couple of adventures off. #RoadTripMair began as an idea in 2013 after we bought our new Mazda 3. Driving home from a long weekend up in Muskoka my husband and I both […]

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Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls

Want to save some money the next time you turn your dryer on? Try Moss Creek Wool Works Dryer Balls! Yes, there are plastic dryer balls on the market but these pure wool balls are environmentally friendly and have no added chemicals, perfumes or dyes. They help dry your clothes faster by bouncing around in […]

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