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How to Cook the Perfect Roast

After an appearance on Cityline in September I have had so many emails asking how I cook a roast, so I thought I’d better share my method. After I wrote Homegrown with the Ontario Home Economics Association and member Joyce Parslow PHEc shared Canada Beef’s method for cooking the perfect roast, it has become my […]

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Sweet Potato & Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

As a big believer in all things local, I love supporting our local Ontario farmers.  Every time you choose a locally grown or produced food you support the farmers and our economy. This Shepherd’s Pie embraces locally grown produce and turkey, all from Ontario. Family friendly and easy to make, I adapted the recipe from […]

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Roasted Roma Tomatoes

Capture the taste of summer and roast Romas for those long winter months when is so bleak outside you lose the memory of a hot sunny day! Tip: you probably will wish you had made a double batch….if you do, go ahead and double everything including the pan. Roast in two separate pans on two […]

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My Top Toronto Ice Cream Shops

Bless the Food Gods because Ice Cream Season is in full swing. Officially July is Ice Cream Month ~ who knew there was a designated month to eat ice cream in? As a self proclaimed ice cream-aholic, I celebrate Ice Cream Month every month of the year. Ice cream is my weakness and my best […]

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Scotland – my travel log

When you trace my roots I’m mostly Scottish, with a close tie for second place going to my English and Irish heritage. Many moons ago, after graduating from university, my best friend and I traveled to the UK and Europe. We were backpacking and staying at B&B’s, spending a night here and a night there. […]

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How to pack a picnic

Some of us are blessed with a photographic memory, patience, and a small butt. Me? I was blessed with cellulite, a sense of humour, and the picnic gene. Ever since I can remember whenever summer hit my mom packed up salmon sandwiches, milk, and some fruit for a picnic dinner. As soon as my dad […]

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Tips on how to shop a Farmers’ Market

My favourite time on the calendar is when the local farmers’ market opens at my neighbourhood civic centre. It’s a leap out of bed on that first Tuesday of the third week in May, come hell or high water. I arrive sans make-up with my trusty reusable bags or bundle buggy and sprint across the […]

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