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Tex-Mex Black Bean Salad Spring/Summer

Bean salads are one of the easiest dinners to make on a hot summer day. Open a can of beans, drain, rinse, put into a bowl, add some other stuff and toss. Serve this one with some heart healthy avocado on the side and a handful of unsalted corn chips and dinner is ready. Dressing […]

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What’s not to like? Chocolate? Ripe delicious strawberries? It’s a marriage made in heaven. Try not to eat all twenty by yourself, those calories can really add up. 20 ripe medium sized strawberries 2 oz (50 g) dark chocolate al least 70% cocoa mass – I used Dove Dark™ 71% cocoa mass 1 tbsp (15 […]

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Cranberries – health, nutrition and handling

Cranberries and Canadians. Both are cute and hardy. Cranberries survive in cool temperatures and thrive in conditions that most other plants don’t do well in: acid soil and few nutrients. Canadians survive in extreme weather and thrive on hockey and beer. Cranberries grow in sandy bogs or marshes and are popular in Ontario, British Columbia […]

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Chicken with Dried Cranberries and Orange

Chicken with dried cranberries and orange is a great way to make sure your next chicken dinner is moist and tender. In the poultry world nothing is worse than dried out rubbery chicken. Follow the quick and easy cooking instructions for this chicken with dried cranberries and orange and your chicken should end up tender […]

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Whole Grain Oats 101

Oats, oat bran and oatmeal have the highest soluble fibre content, the kind of fibre that makes your heart healthy, of any other cereal grain. Soluble fibre dissolves in water and becomes a thick viscous gel that slowly travels through the intestine. This thick goo slows down the absorption of glucose which helps to stabilize blood […]

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Blueberry Crisp – using frozen local blueberries

a pan of blueberry crisp

Blueberry crisp isn’t just for the summer months. Use frozen local blueberries for a hint of summer in the middle of winter when you bake up this heart healthy blueberry crisp. I always switch to frozen local berries in the fall and winter months. It saves me money at the grocery store and the frozen […]

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Twelve Steps to a Healthier You!

   Don’t go on a diet Yes, you read this correctly, don’t go on a diet. Diets are things you go on and then go off. If you really want to lose those last 10 pounds or even if you want to lose 80 pounds the answer is changing your lifestyle. Start with eating ¼ […]

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Sweet Potatoes NOT Yams!

Here’s my rant on Sweet Potatoes NOT Yams! These recipes are from Foodland Ontario and  revised by me.   SWEET POTATO SALSA PIE Instead of pastry, this pie has a puffy baked sweet potato crust. Cutting down on fat, reducing the amount of meat and serving plenty of readily available Ontario vegetables is a sensible way to […]

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Double Chocolate Muffins – a great fall treat

three chocolate muffins sitting on a white plate

These double chocolate muffins get their clout from oat bran and ground flaxseed. Next time you have to send a treat to school, pack these and tell your kids they’re chocolate cupcakes – they taste that good. (Check label of the chocolate chips for peanuts) Don’t let the pumpkin in the recipe mislead you. These muffins don’t […]

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Seven Quick and Easy Dinners for One for the Time Pressed

Too busy to make dinner for one? Before you dial for pizza try one of these seven supper ideas. These are all super easy and nutrient dense. Note – I suggest a serving of vitamin C rich 100% orange juice or another vitamin C rich food on the nights that you are eating vegetarian to […]

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