April 22, 2012

The Stanley Cup Playoffs


I was raised under the theory that a family who watches Hockey Night in Canada together, stays together.

My dad was a Boston Bruins fan until Vancouver got their own team and then he and my mom quickly became hometown fans of the Canucks.

If watching Hockey Night in Canada in our family was like attending weekly Church services then the Playoffs were like going on a full blown religious retreat.  I discovered early on that you either learned to love hockey or you had no family members to hang out with for most of the year.

I didn’t think you could actually watch too many games, until I met my partner Scott.

Last week, thanks to his skilled use of a remote controller, we watched two games at the same time, followed by a late night game in the West. I only got confused a couple of times – thank goodness their uniforms we are all very different colours.

Today he’s going for the marathon of playoffs games- a big three, luckily spaced out in three hours increments.

He’s been training for a day like this most of his life.

He had a pre-marathon playoff watching meal – carb loading for extra energy. He fit in fitness training – walking the dog prior to the puck dropping in Philadelphia – just to keep him loose for the rest of the day. And he’s making sure that he keeps hydrated to avoid any leg cramps. One concern is leaping off the couch for a much needed pee break during commercials and pulling a groin, but as long as he keeps changing positions on the couch I think he’ll be okay.

Stakes go up around 3:15 pm when his favourite team the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, the Boston Bruins for all of you who have no idea who that was, take to the ice. There are blood pressure issues involved in watching his beloved team and with an afternoon game and the Washington Capitals leading the series 3-2. I’m kicking myself for not owning a home defibrillator, but I am going to suggest that he take a baby aspirin before the game and do deep breathing instead of yelling at the TV and the refs during the big game.

Then it’s my turn for fan antics – the Canucks take to the ice at 8:00 pm – hopefully the Bruins won’t be in overtime – don’t know who is going to have to leave the house in pursuit of another television.

Food – I’ve got that covered – we’re eating whatever I can make between games. I’m thinking eggs. They’re easy, high in protein which will help him focus and I think an omelette and a salad is an excellent choice for tonight.

Blood pooling after hours spent reclined on the couch is another health concern, so moving around during commercials or pacing during games will help reduce any potentially life threatening blood clots. Yes, think airplane travel and you are in the zone.

Right now the Pittsburgh Penguins are down 3 -0 and it’s a long day ahead. Stay tuned. Hopefully years of training will pay off.

Update: The Penguins are out, the Bruins won in over time and now the Canucks play at 8:00 pm. So far so good! Keeping fingers crossed.

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April 22, 2012 at 10:46 am

I hear you Mairlyn, same thing happening at my house plus we have a hockey pool, so there is even more pressure to win!


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