October 17, 2011

A Simple Errand….

All I wanted was dog food and toilet paper. Two necessities for two different inhabitants of our house – the dog and us!

That short errand to my local mall should have had me back in the house in twenty minutes, tops.

It took an hour, which included many trips to my car and a ton of frustration.

The dog food part was easy – in and out – got what I wanted and had the salmon treats in my trunk in three minutes, tops.

Then I headed to Shoppers’ Drug Mart.

As I entered I saw that you could get a $10.00 Tim Hortons card free when you spent $50.00. Not a problem! I’ve never spent less than $50.00 at Shoppers in one visit.  I actually think that I may be the main reason they’re still in business – and I have my Optimum card to prove it!

I filled my cart with stuff that I needed and then headed to the TP department. Apparently there was a run on toilet paper this weekend. On a positive side I am thinking maybe everyone is eating more fibre! Good news for my book!  On a negative side – no TP for me. I thought – a rain check.

Headed to the cashier and yes, they did have rain checks which she promptly keyed into her cash register – only problem – it was for paper towels – which I didn’t need or want.

“I’ll just call my supervisor to get the code.”

“I’ll wait.”

Which I did. Now – patience is not one of my virtues, so as three customers went through and no supervisor showed up I thought I’ll just go put the stuff in my car, get some air, calm down…..

When I got back the line-up was seven deep.

I scooted around and stood behind the cashier – she saw me and after serving her customer keyed in the code for the coveted TP.

“You forgot to give me my Tim Hortons card as well – can I get that now too?”

“I’ll have to call my supervisor.”


“ I don’t have any left.”

“Okay (learning from the past) I’ll be back.”

Still sans toilet paper I marched over to the local grocery store next door and made a bee-line to the toilet paper department. On route saw that broccoli and mushrooms, all products of Canada, were on sale – picked up some of each.

Fate was with me and the TP at the store was on sale too! I picked up two packages and scooted over to the check out, got my favourite cashier, and as she scanned the TP it rang in it at $13.97 NOT the $6.99 it said on the shelf.

“That scanned incorrectly – the price is $6.99.”

“Let’s go check.”

We walked over and low and behold they were sold out of the $6.99 TP – the one I had picked was leaning in the space of the sold out stuff…..she deleted the $13.99. I paid for my broccoli and mushrooms went back to my car and put them in my trunk. And then headed back to Shoppers’ Drug Mart.

Line-up? Only one person. Not bad. I stood in front of the cashier.

“Hi, I’m back!”

“My supervisor isn’t here yet, you’ll have to come back later.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, she is on break.”

I was gobsmacked.

“How long do I have to wait?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Okay, how about I go over to cosmetics and see if she has any Tim Hortons cards?”


Which I did, and she did, and after a phone call between the two of them I got my $10.00 card.

Back in my car I headed home with dish soap, Epsom salts, an expensive moisturizer which probably won’t reduce signs of aging, broccoli, mushrooms, my Tim Horton’s card, dog food and no TP.

It took awhile for my blood pressure to go down. Years of yoga paid off once again.

The dog loved her salmon treats and we have one roll of toilet paper left in the house – hopefully we’ll make it to tomorrow, tops.

3 Comments on “A Simple Errand….

October 17, 2011 at 6:38 am

Hi Mairlyn,
This sounds a lot like a usual shopping trip for me.
At least the dog is happy 🙂


October 17, 2011 at 1:23 pm

You are hilarious! Good thin it’s fall and you can use leaves if you run out of TP.

October 17, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Hi Mairlyn, Too funny! I just had to read your story, you always put a smile on my face and I think my day is going somewhat better. Like the other day when I decided to fill up my sugar cannister so when I was ready to bake I would be all set. So of course when I went to put it away the lid came off and sugar poured into the cupboard. ;-( Then had to get the vaccum cleaner out. Then thought, while it is out, I may as well do the whole room…later finally get back to what I was originally doing. Days go that way sometimes. Hope you got your TP finally.


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