August 8, 2011

A Week in Muskoka


Just settling back into the swing of things after a week at my best friend’s cottage on Lake Muskoka. I had too much fun and I don’t like being an adult again!

I Ioved getting up every morning to walk the dogs, do some yoga on the dock, followed by a noodle in the lake! For non-noodle-knower’s- you basically straddle a pool noodle and float mindlessly in the water! We did a workout in the water that was big on the floating aspects…..oh, well…..

Saturday, August 6

Michale’s son and his girlfriend arrive from the city with a hostess gift from Whole Foods stuffed with yummy foods. It’s a great way to start off a long weekend and get way to get a re-invite. For more tips on Getting Invited Back to a Cottage click here.

Yummy stuff!


Did a lot of floating and eating.


More of the same.


After 24 years in the same cottage my friends have sold and are moving across the lake. We start packing. (Note to self – start downsizing ASAP – my house will be a nightmare to pack) floating, eating, out to the Lake Jo club for dinner with friends. Yummy watermelon salad which we immediately recreated the next day in the cottage kitchen. Recipe to follow once I figure out the measurements! We just sort of winged it!


Pouring with rain, packing, errands, eating. I made the Garb and Goes from my cookbook. Yum!


Packing, floating, and a trip to Brooklands Farms  for fresh produce because the only thing better than a farmers market is a farm!

Located on the historic Butter and Egg Road between Port Carling and Bracebridge  if one of the family members isn’t sitting outside with the produce the sign asks you to hook!

An assortment of picture perfect produce pre washed and ready to take home or back to the cottage.

This weekend they’re hosting the 2011 Field to Fork Tasting Event from 1-4 pm. Muskoka’s premiere Chefs and Restaurants will be their tantalizing you with locally-inspired fare! Tickets are available online @



Pedicure at Touchstone resort (big treat!) then packing, floating, eating, packing, eating, floating, went to a local art show, more eating.

Saturday and Sunday

Boat rides, entertaining, more floating, a teeny bit of packing, fabulous dinners, and a skinny dip! I think I may be really big on floating in the lake and not so big at sitting at my desk! Oh, well, back to reality. I have to phone Revenue Canada about my HST……….

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