July 19, 2011

When the cook is away Day 2


Me: So what did you have for dinner tonight?

Scott: Pasta.

Me: With what?

Scott: Pasta.

Me: You had pasta with pasta?

Scott: Yeah.

Me: You had pasta with nothing on it?

Scott: No, I put some Frank’s Red Hot Wings Sauce on it.

Me: (laughing or was it crying?) And that was it?

Scott: Well I had some stir fried peas and corn about an hour ago.

Me: Isn’t that what you had last night?

Scott: I like it.

Me: And that’s all you ate?

Scott: Well I had some peanut butter on a rice cake, a couple of glasses of OJ, and some tomatoes out of the garden. And is the Swiss chard supposed to be lying on its side?

Me: What?

Scott: Those leafy things beside the tomatoes – they’re looking really dead.

Me: They’re beets.


Okay then…..that went well.

So far he’s eaten stuff in the house. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to do a big grocery shop before I left. There isn’t any fresh fruit or veggies in the house. There is milk, tons of frozen fruit, lots of canned beans, nuts, peanut butter, pasta, cereal, and crackers, but no protein kicking around as in poultry, fish or meat.  My prediction? He will eat all of the pasta, crackers, cereal, and peanut butter before he goes grocery shopping. Thanks goodness there are tomatoes growing by the gate! At least he’ll get some lycopene!

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