March 31, 2011

It’s almost here!


Writing a book is like having a baby.

You decide that you really  want to become a parent, you try for just the right moment when all the biological signs are saying yes, you do the deed, you miraculously conceive, and then spend the next nine months in a state of fear, love, excitement, and awe, and then you give birth to your baby.

I hadn’t quite decided when to write my fourth book but my publisher asked if I was ready back in November 2009 and I guess my biological cookbook clock sent a speedy message to my brain and I my mouth said yes!

Yes, I want to be an author, again.

I conceived an idea and then worked on the book for the next nine months in a state of fear, love, excitement, and awe and I am finally giving birth to my soft covered baby in the next couple of days!

It has been a long wait.

March has dragged by. The weather hasn’t helped. Cold, cold and more cold has made even optimistic me – crabby, really crabby. I don’t think I have been this crabby since my PMS days……yikes.

My mother calling me from Vancouver with the latest flower sighting hasn’t helped one bit. The only way that I could even spot a few tiny little green things in my garden would be to shovel the rest of the snow off my flower bed.

But yesterday, out of the blue, they called to tell me that they would be delivering my book on Friday!  Friday? That’s tomorrow! The nesting instinct immediately kicked in and now I feel like cleaning my house!

So the waiting is almost over, for me.

The bookstore world won’t see this book for another several weeks – there is the loading in, the inventory count, the shipping of, other book stuff, I don’t know, but there is at least another three weeks before you will see Healthy starts Here! on the shelves. But I get to see my new born on Friday!!!!

Hope it has my sense of humour.

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