March 8, 2011

Week IV – Eating out of my Freezer

1987 was an interesting year.

Whitney Houston won Best Female Vocalist for her song, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Ronald Reagan met Gorbechav in Washington to sign the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty which marked the beginning of the end of the Cold War. But more importantly, it was the last time I saw the bottom of my freezer.

Yes, twenty-five years ago I started loading it up and I never looked back.

I love my freezer, and I really love looking into my freezer to see if there is anything in there that we could be eating. It’s a game. Hmmm, what will we have for dinner tomorrow? (Searching through the freezer and spotting a large chicken) How about a lemon and herb roasted chicken, with some frozen veggies, and a rice pilaf?

After years of freezing and searching through the depths of the freezer, every home cook needs to eat the stuff that has been hiding in their frozen larders, so for the past four weeks I have been eating my way down to its bottom.

For a bottom – it looks decent. Hasn’t aged (must be the cold) there are no nicks, no frost, and actually almost no nothing.

Like any great archaeological dig, the contents of my freezer were a great way to get to know me.

My freezer reveals that I am an eclectic cook with a penchant for bargains, and if quantity of a certain item is an indication of a great love of anything – then in fact I have a great love of poultry, frozen berries, and whole grains.

The biggest discovery in this let’s eat out of the freezer experiment has been that it appears that I may have decided that labelling was for wussies, not for people who write cookbooks.

Most of the labels I thought I had attached had either fallen off, had worn off, or were never there to begin with.

I distinctly remember thinking that I would remember what was in the blue container with the orange lid.  In hindsight this was a folly of great magnitude. Sadly, I had no idea what was in that container and several more blue containers with orange lids.  We ended up eating a couple of pureed looking things that I am still not sure what they were supposed to be. They all tasted beanie, and I am hoping we just ate a lot of different kinds of chili…..anyway…..

I did end up pitching a couple of things. Some really old ice cream containers complete with their own polar caps and that horrible rainbow trout I wrote about in Week III. I am still reeling over that one.

This has been a great experiment, but in all honesty I am really sick of eating chicken.

I saved about $400.00 over the past 4 weeks, but more importantly I didn’t waste the money I had already spent on the stuff in the freezer. If only cleaning out my clothes cupboard could be this successful.

Freezer tips:

Mark everything you put into a freezer with the date you froze it and what it is.

Most whole meats and poultry will keep for up to 1 year. Ground meats last about 3 months.

Fish is more delicate and last about 2 months.

Leftovers – your best bet is 2-3 months, soups about 4 months.

For a complete guide go to:

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Karen Bergmann
April 23, 2011 at 6:46 am

Hi Mairlyn, Eating out of your freezer is a great idea! By this time in the year, I’m trying to clean mine out to make room for the new things that will go in from June to October (berries, peppers, applesauce, pumpkin, homemade freezer meals) but I need to dig deeper to the bottom. I heard you on CBC Fresh Air this morning and am excited to check out your new book! And thank you for confirming what I’ve been telling people – the ‘whole wheat’ flour in the stores is NOT whole wheat! It’s missing the germ! And they are surprised! Because they don’t know the 3 parts of a grain. Keep up the great work!


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