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  1. Robert Fyten says:

    Hi. Mairlyn, Whats the best olive oil and were can you by it I’m from Alberta? Thanks

  2. Mairlyn says:

    and no I figure out how to answer!
    glad I emailed you directly – but for anyone else here’s a link in my website to the olive oil story.
    hope that works!
    (I am computer program challenged!)
    Peace, love and fibre,

  3. Mairlyn says:

    Hi Robert,
    That’s a tough question – I know for sure that higher end grocery stores or kitchen stores do carry DOP or EVOO with the Toscana on the label or around the neck of the bottle. Check out this link form my website. Click here.
    hope that helps.
    Peace, love and fibre,

  4. Danny says:

    Hi mairlyn should we cancel out olive oil and replace it coconut oil?

    Thx a bunch

  5. Mairlyn says:

    No, that’s the short answer!
    Peace, love and fibre,

  6. Denise says:

    I would like to know where to purchase the book “Lick the spoon” published in 1998 by Marilyn Smith.
    Thank you in advance

  7. Mairlyn says:

    Hi Denise,
    Thanks for wanting to buy Lick the Spoon – but its been out of print for many years, the publisher went out of business… might have some luck on ebay…..
    Peace, love and fibre,

  8. E Hill says:

    Province paper, Sunday March 26
    How much sour cream in Rhubarb pie??

  9. Mairlyn says:

    1 cup of sour cream – it must have been a popular read – I had so many emails about that missing ingredient and it was totally my fault!
    Peace, love and fibre,

  10. Terry Harris says:

    I am a huge fan and use your recipes all the time. My husband loves the Chocolate Mousse dessert even after I told him it was made with Tofu! He was totally impressed. I made your Triple-Oat Cookies and now I have to double the recipe.

    Thank you for being so inspiring!


  11. Mairlyn says:

    Thanks Terry,
    That made my day! Another tofu convert, even though it is sort of hidden in a sea of chocolate!
    Peace, love and fibre,

  12. Brittany Pettigrew says:

    Hello Mairlyn,
    I was just thinking about you today and was wondering when your new cookbook was going to hit the shelves. I was one of the helpers that joined you at your house the day of the food styling photo shoot for the cookbook. I was the girl with the red apron :). Well I am happy that I looked into the launch date, and even happier to see the time is coming soon. I am looking forward to seeing the final product, and I wish you all the best with your success.


  13. Mairlyn says:

    Thanks Brittany with the red apron, I remember you!
    Should be in the stores December 1, God Willing.
    Thanks for your help, no please help us promote it on social media.
    Peace, love and fibre,

  14. Barbara Small says:

    Hi there, We watched Global this morning and would like to carry your new cookbook Home Grown at our shop on Haida Gwaii, could you please advise who distributes this title? thank you, Barbara

  15. Mairlyn says:

    Hi Barb,
    Thanks for reaching out. My publisher and distributor is Fitzhenry in Toronto.
    Reach out to
    Let me know if you have any problems.
    Peace, love and fibre,

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