Week III

Eating out of my freezer has been both fun and challenging.

I’m saving money – or rather – not wasting the money that I’d already spent on the food that was languishing in the dark recesses of my larder.

The highlight of the week was a mystery container that I found in the depths of the freezer, one of many that had lost its label.

It looked like a thick soup, maybe one of my bean soups that I had pureed. After thawing – it turned out to be chocolate icing, leftovers frozen after a cake I’d baked at Christmas.

So I made cupcakes.

They were lovely and a great treat for the middle of the week. Bean soup goodbye, hello to eggs for dinner.

The second highlight was, and as a cookbook author this is as close to blasphemy as I go, but I made the worst meal of my recorded life. My husband actually thinks it is the second worst meal. (The man can’t tell if I’ve had my haircut, but he can remember meals!)

Anyway, whether it was the number one or the number two worst meal ever is neither here nor there. It was just plain terrible.

Now, normally, I love rainbow trout. I was so excited to discover this find that my good sense didn’t kick in to say:

“Hey, there’s no label or a date, do you even remember buying it?”

Had I listened to my inner chef and health police voice I would have chucked it.

But sadly no, I threw caution to the wind, thawed it out and cooked it up.

I have never left the table to spit anything out of my mouth in my entire adult life, but that night I did.

The fish was hideous.

Old, freezer tasting, disgusting textured, mushy rainbow trout.

Note to self – nothing keeps forever in a freezer. In perpetuity does not apply to food.

To make matters worse I burnt the rice! I have never burnet rice ever, I am the Rice Queen! (my husband concurred on that one.)

So disgusting fish and burnt rice does not a great meal make. At least the Swiss chard and the sweet potatoes were excellent. We had grilled cheese sandwiches about an hour later.

Back to take a look see in the freezer.

Well, there is still some chicken left as well as one simmering steak. And fortunately that date is visible, so we have a GO!

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One comment on “Week III
  1. Irene says:

    Mairlyn, you always make me laugh!! I too am trying to use what’s in the freezer while I can still recognize it… all I can say is add lots of butter!


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