Another New Year


Have you started that old Resolution List of yours?

Written down that you are going to loose those last 10 pounds, again? Start going to the gym every single day, rain, shine and even when you’d really rather just sit on your butt, watching reruns of Two and a Half Men and eating day old doughnuts? How about going for broke and deciding to be the first living Saint in the entire world?

Good for you.

But I say, “To Hell with it.”

Don’t do the resolution thing.

Resolutions seldom make it past the first big glitch on the path to perfection. Most of us want all of those wonderful things we’re resolving to accomplish, but most of us don’t want the hard work involved in seeing them through.

The problem with resolutions are that they set you up to fail.

A Resolution List is by nature all or nothing. “Okay I blew it when I ate those day old doughnuts last night, so I might as well go to Hell in a Handbag and have a hamburger, fries and a Diet Coke for lunch.”

The biggest problem with a Resolution List is they don’t include the steps needed to accomplish the resolve. They’re just the end result. They don’t take into consideration how to get there.

So throw out the Resolution List and start up a Goal List.

Not just a Goal List for 2012 but a Goal List for your life.

A map of sorts.

If “life is a journey” , then not having a map, means you get lost. Depending on your evolutionary orientation you may ask for directions, but there are so many of us out there driving through our lives without a map, heck we don’t even know where we’re going, forget about how to get there, it’s no wonder we’re all crashing and burning.

No goal.
No map.
Big crash.

So how can we change this pattern of tedious, banal behaviour?

Go and get 5 pieces of paper and a pen.

On the First paper write – What do I want to be?

On the Second paper – What do I want to do?

On the Third paper – What do I want to give?

On the Fourth paper – What do I want to have?

On the Fifth paper – What am I afraid of?

Ask yourself these questions and write down whatever comes into your head.

What do I want to be? Maybe you wrote down – a school teacher, a leader, a great parent, a loyal friend, honest, kind, or fun. Or maybe you wrote down – I have no clue.

Under What do I want to give? Maybe you wrote down – Giving of myself without giving myself away, a bit esoteric? How about – $100.00 to your favourite Charity

Under What am I afraid of? Maybe you wrote – To fail or to succeed.

Write down as many things as you want or can under each heading. No one is going to mark or judge it. This is for your eyes only.

When you’ve finished look over your lists and see if there is a pattern, a new mind set, or that you are in fact, a complete nut. Be that as it may, I followed this exercise 20 years ago and came up with my life’s Goal List. I still have my original lists and every January I check out how I’m doing. Some years are a lot better than others, but so far I’m doing okay.

Some things on my lists are funny, others are real and doable and some will take me a lifetime to accomplish. It’s about working towards something and having a sense of accomplishment when you arrive at your destination.

Not convinced? Life is all about choices, so go ahead and choose the Goal List for a year and see what happens. Worst case scenario? You’ll end up quitting this list too. Best case scenario? You’ll have taken the steps in changing your lifestyle and perhaps your life. Sounds good to me.

Peace, Love and Fibre,

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