Dear Mr Coca-Cola

Dear Mr Coca-Cola,

Have you lost your ethical compass? Touting Coke as the drink to bring your family together at dinner time? Seriously?

With type 2 diabetes ranked as an epidemic I find it reprehensible that you would suggest we should be drinking pop instead of a nutritious beverage with our meals.

I drink Coke, at parties. It’s a treat. Not a family dinner beverage.

Because of your commercial and your obvious lack of caring about the health of your customers I am never drinking Coke again. I know that you won’t miss me, but I can sleep at night. Can you?

Yours truly,

Mairlyn Smith PHEc

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9 comments on “Dear Mr Coca-Cola
  1. Sandra Sutton says:

    Way to go Mairlyn. My Mom and I were discussing this only yesterday. How low will corporations go to sell a product? I fear we haven’t come close to the bottom yet.

  2. Moira says:

    Rock on, Mairlyn! Yep, I love how caffeinated sugar-hit beverages are what a loving mother serves to her family at the end of the day, the kids will settle down easy-peasy: it even slays a techno-monster? Really? It doesn’t MAKE a monster or two?!

  3. Karen Watson says:

    I agree with Mairlyn totally. I was shocked to see the big bottle of coke for the dinner table. This ad should be pulled immediately. I love classic coke and it is a treat, not a daily beverage. Please replace this ad with something more suitable. You are the best after all! Karen

  4. maggie lysack says:

    Hi Marilyn: I like your views. I watch cityline and love your attitude. I took Home Ec. in school, cooking and sewing. I learned a lot about eastern european cooking from “The Joy of Cooking”, you know the one. I am now hoping to buy your book. My kids all cook and enjoy it. I am on a low fat, low sugar diet and use the splenda/sugar blend a lot when I bake. What is your attitude re: artifical sweeteners? Please do not publish my name. Tanks


  5. Angela campbell says:

    I tHought the same thing when I saw it the first time. I don’t think it was even appropriate 10 or 15 years ago……before “some” knew better

  6. kathleen Smith Fairweather says:

    No comment πŸ˜‰ Love your “addicted” sister BUT……I too thought it was kind inappropriate! Well……kind of LOL

  7. Barbara says:

    Rock on Mairlyn I am with you one hundred percent – strange commercial at best not one of their better ones

  8. kerry merkley says:

    totally agree mairlyn! i don’t drink coke, never have, but i’m thinking of taking it up so i can then boycott it! reprehensible advertising on coke’s part. what i will do is boycott any product they are even remotely connected to. love ya mairlyn, keep up the good fight. πŸ™‚


  9. Charlene says:

    I thought it was bad enough a few years ago when Coke started pushing their product for a breakfast drink instead of coffee. I’m still surprised when I visit the U.S. how many people are drinking a can of coke at breakfast!

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