When the cook is away: The saga continues


I’ve been out of town for a little over a week leaving my husband to fend for himself in the cooking department, two more sleeps and I’ll be back in TO. After talking with him on the phone last night  it might be just in the nick of time.

In a nutshell all he’s eaten for the past nine days is whatever he could find in the house. As of yesterday he is down to crackers (he found another package of RYVITA’s in the pantry) and peanut butter. To read about the other days click Day 1  Day 2  Days 3 & 4

I am happy to give a big shout out to what he ate on Monday. He picked the rest of the green beans in the backyard and then stir fried them. He even got all creative and added in some freshly picked grape tomatoes. The only problem was the green beans he picked were really old.  I was actually letting them age on the vine so I could use the seeds next year, anyway – he did say they were sort of tough….

Which brings us yesterday – all he’s had is crackers and peanut butter, oh, and a glass of milk.

Throughout the past nine days (there was the weekend reprieve at our friend’s cottage and Michale’s fabulous cooking) he has dabbled in the veggie department but aside from juice there has been nary a piece of fruit in the mix.  And all I can say is, “What the?” After eighteen years of eating with me, cooking with me, and being a part of three healthy cookbook testings with me, you’d think the guy’d been brainwashed in the health department to want to eat something that had a colour to it.

But no.

Not even my salad loving husband has ventured out past the pantry to eat a big mix of fruits and veggies.

And why?

Why didn’t he eat like we eat when I’m there?

I have no clue.

His eating habits went gone to hell in a handbag in less than a couple of days.

Is it eating alone that contributes to lousy eating habits? Have I have spoiled him beyond belief with all the fabulous food I make? (Insert a big pat on own back here) Or is it gender based? Women leave – men eat crap.

I don’t know, I have many theories, but no answers. Anybody? What do you think?

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3 comments on “When the cook is away: The saga continues
  1. Patricia says:

    Love it! When i’m home, I eat crap too. I’m slightly better at the office, occasionally buying salad makings for the week. I think it might be the solo thing – all that prep, cooking, and clean-up (in my tiny kitchen) just for one? When you could have cheddar and pickled beets on saltines? I get it.
    Plus, you probably have spoiled him 😉

  2. Rita says:

    It’s simple. It’s not a lack of skill or availability, it the lack of CREATIVITY.

    How many of us have said over the years of cooking for our families … over half the battle is thinking up what to make. The making isn’t the hard part, it’s the figuring it out.

    Without a vision for what could be … you scrounge around for what is.

    AND, in your husband’s case … married to a vivacious, forward thinking, know what she wants kind of gal (I was in your Well Seasoned cooking class last week and felt the energy wash into the room when you entered!) I think your husband has enjoyed riding your creativity train! 🙂 a perfect balance, yes, hence, 18 yrs, ahem lol

    BTW, I have made the blueberry quinoa salad THREE times since last Thursday, can’t get enough of the stuff!!

  3. Chef Jen says:

    Ha! I love your blogs! My guess is eating alone contributes to lousy eating habits. Sooooooooooo many people tell me they just don’t bother because they have nobody to eat with or cook for. Strange but true – the social aspect of eating isn’t just fun… its good for your health! 🙂

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