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My Left Frying Pan

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Dear My Loyal Subscribers, Just in case you haven’t discovered my latest food adventure My Left Frying Pan – a comedic cooking web series on YouTube, here’s the link to my home page: My Left Frying Pan I know I’ve been MIA for a very long time. Between writing another cookbook (out in May 2019), […]

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Seven-day menu with planned leftovers for a family of four

Most Canadians waste on average 40% of their food; waste – as in throwing it away into the garbage or composter. Which translates into throwing away your money. With the cost of groceries on the rise there has never been a better time to learn how to extend your food dollar, professional home economist Mairlyn […]

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New Years Resolutions: Tips to make those healthy lifestyle goals stick

Every January most of us make resolutions to get healthier, lose weight, change our bad habits into stellar new ones and then within two weeks we are back to our old routines. Why the failure rate? There are many reasons we fall short of succeeding. Setting goals that are unattainable, not having a support system […]

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