grocery shopping tips

Seven-day menu with planned leftovers for a family of four

Most Canadians waste on average 40% of their food; waste – as in throwing it away into the garbage or composter. Which translates into throwing away your money. With the cost of groceries on the rise there has never been a better time to learn how to extend your food dollar, professional home economist Mairlyn […]

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Grocery Shopping 101

How to save money and navigate your way around the grocery store without losing your mind or your money First things first: Lets look at the big picture. Yes, the cost of food has gone up but if you consider that on average most consumers throw out 40% of the food they buy, the savings […]

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Grocery shopping tips – how to navigate your local store

 Professional Home Economists and Registered Dietitians have so much in common. Aside from the fact  both professions are loaded with brilliant people, we are both concerned about your health and we are trying to make your lives easier. Every year during Nutrition Month the Dietitians of Canada promote a new healthy habit. This year they […]

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